What I offer

Short-term (e.g., one-day or weekend workshops) seminars or regular workshops for creative writing (German or English) and painting (pastel, art journaling/travel journaling, watercolor, tiny books)


Adult education
High schools
Grade schools
Summer camp programs
Colleges, teachers’ colleges
Private classes
Atelier Ma(h)lwerk, Wiesensteig


Details on request.

Statement of goals

I tailor my workshops to the participants’ needs and writing experience, taking into account time limitations. Warm-up writing exercises help participants shed initial nervousness and encourage the growth of trust within the group. Reading aloud something one has spontaneously written – thereby revealing oneself intimately to strangers – takes courage. Timed writing exercises on different themes follow. Depending on each group’s wishes, various topics may be explored – for example: genre, themes, the craft of writing, screenplay structure, poetry, short prose, structure of the novel, language as a tool, tips to overcome writer’s block. With the help of examples, suggestions, wordplay, and especially the timed writing exercises, I want to motivate each participant to continue his or her writing process independently at home. Discovering and developing one’s own voice, which includes being able to grow from constructive criticism, and finally giving our experiences a concrete form – that is the ultimate goal. We have everything we need within us.


I continuously offer a variety of workshops: pastel painting in the studio and en plein-air, travel journaling/art journaling, crafting tiny books, and international painting workshops. Check my EVENTS